2.10 Chickenpox



Aired: August 26, 1998

I’ll keep it short and sweet. I’m 99% sure I’ve never seen this episode.

Wikipedia says the main plot of this episode is the parents of South Park decide to intentionally expose their children to the chickenpox virus. I highly doubt I’ve ever seen this episode. This is the worst preview ever, my apologies.

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Chickenpox Score Sheet

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Matt – 30.8

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Matt’s Review

This episode begins with Stan’s family at the hospital discovering that Stan’s sister has Chickenpox. Cartman, Kyle and Stan’s mothers discuss how Chickenpox is better for the boys to get it while they’re young. So they send the boys to Kenny’s house to get Chickenpox. The boys get to Kenny’s house and realize that Kenny has “herpes on his face” as well. They sit down to eat their frozen waffle dinner. There is some back and forth arguing between Kenny’s parents and then Kenny sneezes. His mother directs him to sneeze on the boys. The boys head to Kenny’s room. Their sleeping bags are quite great. They find out that there are rats in Kenny’s house. We then see Stan with Chickenpox at home. Then Cartman.Then we see Kyle did not get the Chickenpox at all. Kyle’s mom tries to get him to stay at Kenny’s house again. Kyle asks his dad about his relationship with Kenny’s dad and why they have more money. Kyle’s dad explains how America works with Gods and clods. Stan has to head to the hospital because of his Chickenpox. The doctor lets his parents know that they have to keep an eye on Stan for a while. They tell the doctor that they did it on purpose. Kyle and Kenny are hanging out and Kyle’s mom suggests them playing “ookie mouth”. Kyle and Kenny’s moms discuss their husband’s relationship. They decide to arrange a fishing trip for them to get back together. Cartman is then seen watching Terrence and Phillip, when his mom arrives with more calamine lotion for him. He fills up a bathtub with it and hops in. We then see Kyle and Kenny’s dads heading for their fishing trip. We then go to the school and Kyle is the only one in class since everyone else is out with Chickenpox. Mr. Garrison is explaining the difference between prostitutes and police officers. He assigns a paper to everyone in the class on “How to make America better”. This pisses Stan off being in the hospital having to write a paper. Kyle over hears his mom talking on the phone about trying to get him sick on purpose. Kyle is PISSED OFF. Kyle and Kenny’s dads are then seen fishing discussing their childhood together. Kyle hurries to inform Stan of what their parents did. They then go to inform Cartman. We go back to seeing Kyle and Kenny’s dads talking about where they ended up. They begin to fight. Stans’s parents go to the hospital and ask the doctor where Stan is. He has no idea. The doctor tells them that Stan will die if they don’t find him. Kyle’s dad gets home and finds out that his wife set it all up. He reads Kyle’s paper about putting poor people into camps to get rid of them and realizes what he has done. Cartman, Kyle and Stan go to ask Chef about herpes. They go to see Frita because they want to give their partns herpes. Frita comes to their houses and infects all of their parents’ things. Frita leaves and all of their parents arrive to bring Stan back to the hospital. Kyle then passes out. They all go to the hospital. All of the parents come to check on the boys and see they all got herpes and tell them. Kyle’s dad apologizes to Kenny’s dad. Kenny flatlines in his hospital bed.

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