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November 2022: Things have changed here over the last couple years. Matt is no longer hosting, but Drew is still slowly chugging along. The blog doesn’t really serve a major purpose anymore, but you can find links to our OFFICIAL SCORE SHEET and to submit PLAY ALONG scores if you would like to. Maybe some day there will be merch too and maybe some day I’ll own a big sports bar!

May 2020: Hello friends, and welcome to The Spirit of South Park. This is where you get to enjoy rankings and commentary of every South Park episode through the eyes of us, Drew and Matt. Drew has been watching South Park for years and has seen almost every episode multiple times. Matt on the other hand, recently started watching this fantastic series. Together we are going to score every single South Park episode until we have a ranking of all South Park episodes from best to worst. As you know, there are many South Park episodes and this will be no small task. We are embarking on a journey that is going to last for quite a while, here’s how we plan to do it.

To begin, we have character scores. We are going to give each main character (Stan, Kyle, Cartman & Kenny) a score between 1 and 3. We are also going to score the secondary characters for each episode. This will include the characters that played a large role in that episode outside of the 4 main characters. Beyond that, we also have episode scores. These are scores for the episode as a whole. Those categories include: Relevance, Irreverence, Laugh Score, and Personal Score. Finally we have the South Park Factor, which is basically the extra-point of our scoring. We will each give our own scores and then average them out in each category to get a composite score. Our scores are bound to have an interesting dynamic as one of us has been around South Park since the very beginning and the other still has no idea who Butters is. This will allow for both a veteran and fresh perspective in the scores. For each episode we will each include our favorite moment and quote to add some flare.

Let’s talk about schedule. It is our plan to begin with doing 1 episode per week. That means 1 blog post and 1 podcast episode each week. And yes, that means mathematically this is going to take a very, very long time. We hope you decide to follow us on this journey as we discover and relive the greatest show ever made. Welcome to: The Spirit of South Park.

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Check out our official scoring spreadsheet here!

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  1. 2023 State of the Pod
  2. 3.7 Cat Orgy
  3. 3.6 Sexual Harrassment Panda
  4. 3.5 Tweek vs Craig
  5. 3.15 Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics
  • 3.1 Rainforest Shmainforest
    Preview Aired: April 7, 1999 Welcome to season 3. This episode will probably air long after the 23 year anniversary of this episode, but it’ll be close. I remember this episode fairly well. Specifically the guest appearances of Tony Danza and Jennifer Aniston. I know there is a kids choir with some kind of questionableContinue reading “3.1 Rainforest Shmainforest”
  • 2.18 Prehistoric Iceman
    Preview Aired: January 20, 1999 We’ve made it to the end of Season 2! It took a year, but that’s not important. This is an episode I know I’ve seen before but it doesn’t carry much in terms of nostalgic feelings. I suspect that once I start watching it will come back to me quickly.Continue reading “2.18 Prehistoric Iceman”
  • 2.17 Gnomes
    Preview Aired: December 16, 1998 We’ve finally made it to Gnomes! This is the last of what I would call the surefire classics of season 2. The underpants gnomes have been one of my favorite South Park creations from the moment I first saw them. In my younger years I thought garden gnomes were aContinue reading “2.17 Gnomes”
  • 2.16 Merry Christmas Charlie Manson
    Preview Aired: December 9, 1998 I’m not even going to mess around here. I’ve never seen this episode either. Charles Manson and Christmas? How can you go wrong?! Wikipedia shows me that Dian Bachar makes an appearance again. The boys will be traveling to Nebraska to see Cartman’s Grandma. Few things I love more thanContinue reading “2.16 Merry Christmas Charlie Manson”
  • 2.15 Spookyfish
    Preview Aired: October 28, 1998 I’m not even going to mess around here. I know nothing about this episode. Spookyfish appears to be yet another shot at Barbra Streisand, which I am totally okay with. We’ll discuss this further in depth as we talk about it on the show. I still don’t remember seeing thisContinue reading “2.15 Spookyfish”
  • 2.14 Chef Aid
    Preview Aired: October 7, 1998 There are few episodes of South Park that stick out more in my mind than Chef Aid.  Those memories are mostly carried by the appearance of Johnnie Cochran and the Chewbacca Defense, but the Chef Aid CD also played a major part in my South Park experience as a youngster. Continue reading “2.14 Chef Aid”
  • 2.13 Cow Days
    Preview Aired: September 30, 1998 When I hear the term Cow Days my mind jumps to the South Park Rally video game because I’m fairly sure there is a Cow Days reference in that. With that being said, I don’t think I’ve seen this episode. I tried to check my hunch on Cow Days beingContinue reading “2.13 Cow Days”
  • 2.12 Clubhouses
    Preview Aired: September 23, 1998 Taking a shot here and thinking that this episode pits the boys of South Park against the girls in some type of contest. I could be very wrong though. This may be where we finally get introduced to a girl character besides Shelley or Wendy Further research shows that maybeContinue reading “2.12 Clubhouses”
  • 2.11 Roger Ebert Should Layoff the Fatty Foods
    Preview Aired: September 2, 1998 Alright, I’ll admit, nothing comes to mind for this episode. However, I do want to focus on the elephant within the title. If I were a betting man, and if you know me at all you know I am a betting man, I’d take out a second mortgage on myContinue reading “2.11 Roger Ebert Should Layoff the Fatty Foods”
  • 2.10 Chickenpox
    Preview Chickenpox Aired: August 26, 1998 I’ll keep it short and sweet. I’m 99% sure I’ve never seen this episode. Wikipedia says the main plot of this episode is the parents of South Park decide to intentionally expose their children to the chickenpox virus. I highly doubt I’ve ever seen this episode. This is theContinue reading “2.10 Chickenpox”

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