2.14 Chef Aid


Aired: October 7, 1998

There are few episodes of South Park that stick out more in my mind than Chef Aid.  Those memories are mostly carried by the appearance of Johnnie Cochran and the Chewbacca Defense, but the Chef Aid CD also played a major part in my South Park experience as a youngster.  Speaking of that CD, I haven’t seen it in years.  My brother probably had it or it was lost in a move along the way. 

My only question as I prepare to watch this episode is how well does the episode stand on its own without the CD?  The Chewbacca Defense is a classic piece of South Park history, but outside of that does this episode have what it takes to make it into the top 5?

As I dig into research for the episode I notice that there are several musical guests who appear in the episode, which makes sense. What I don’t understand is how Trey and Matt were able to pull off some of the names they have in the episode. Elton John, Ozzy Osborne, DMX, and others. I know South Park was becoming a big deal at this point in time and I suppose this is just evidence of that fact.

The album itself was released November 24, 1998. I’m pretty sure I got it through a Columbia house 12 CD’s for a penny sale or something like that. I know I listened to it a lot and it was an all time favorite. I’m checking Ebay as soon as I can to see if I can find another copy.

Watching at home? Make your own score sheet for yourself at home by using our template here.

Chef Aid Score Card

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Matt’s Review

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